Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Benefits and Downsides

Probably the greatest benefit to teaching is the amount of learning I do as a result--in order to teach, you really have to have something intelligent to say about a topic, so I often spend hours and hours reading books and websites and watching videos on art and art theory. It doesn't get boring for me, which is good. ;)

I have learned SO MUCH.

It's amazing to me how much art theory there is, and yet it is far less complicated than one would think. The most complicated part is that while there are theories and ideas of what makes great art great, in the end it is still subjective to the viewer's perspective and personal aesthetic. The adage, "one man's trash is another man's treasure," could be the perfect slogan of the Art World. This is actually what I think I like most about art--you're allowed to decide what your art is, and others may like it or hate it (or love it after you die, re:van Gogh), but in the end it is more about self-expression than anything else, and no one else can really speak about you better than you.

Another amazing benefit of teaching art is the large amount of art you get to see and be a part of, and start...

But not necessarily finish.

THAT is the downside. I start so many projects as examples, to show what I'm trying to teach to the kids, but often my pieces get set aside to hurry and start another example for another lesson. :(

I think probably this is as much a result of poor time management on my part (I probably could finish much more art if I was more efficient with my time), as it is a hazard of teaching, but maybe someday I will figure out how to manage EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

Then, again, maybe not.

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