Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Snow Day = Catch Up Day...sort of

First, I slept in. And it was glorious!

Then I began the arduous, and never ending, task of putting away all the things from my classes last week (which is when my second semester of teaching really began in earnest). And, boy, was it a lot of stuff!

I taught at seven different locations this week, which is two more than normal, plus there was an Open House at Michael’s, that I had to have class brochures ready for. On top of that I’ve been trying to finish grades for one co-op and had the first day of the semester with three of the five kid groups I teach. AND I started driving my new car (which is a stick shift) last week to most of my  things. It was exciting!!

So yeah, things got a little LOT behind for me.

But in a couple of hours I had most of it put away and even packed for several things I have going on this week:

I even found some long lost practice sketches and paintings, and a precious painting I made for an invitation for a fun playdate/party my sweet little boy and I had with friends several years ago (he’s not really a sweet little boy anymore, he’s a kind, smart, funny, and handsome young man!). It brought back many happy memories--we'd had teddy sized snacks and a teddy & friend obstacle course with medals for all the participants:

Teddy Party invite

I painted these 7-8 years ago with Niji watercolors
Marker fun from several years ago when I taught a fun preschool art class.

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