Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Art is for Everyone

Here are some practice paintings I did before the school year started.

Art has long, long been my passion, but sharing the how to's of art with people--that is where it is at, my friends! There is nothing like helping someone discover the joy that can be found in creating. I have been teaching art to kids at our local homeschool co-op for almost 8 years and it has been an adventure. This year I recently took on another co-op and now teach older teens in a more academic setting. I'm hoping to soon branch out teaching Bob Ross painting to grown ups--finding out where to teach and the businessy stuff of it all is tripping me up a little, as well as just being BUSIER than I have ever been in my entire life (with teaching at two co-ops, homeschooling my son, and transporting my daughter to and from school and school functions, church, and art commissions--sometimes I even sleep!)... :(  But the school year is almost over and I am excited and ready to see where this can go!

This was a fun project I did with one of my private students--anamorphic art! A floating square...or is it?

Nope! It's just a flat surface.

Painting in watercolor on a cold June day with my Art in the Park students.

We met at the Sunken Gardens May 2015.

Painting a mural (on paper) at children's church.

Potter Rabbits. Her art is so much fun to teach to kids!

Painting with scissors, Matisse style.

Learning about Frida and painting flowers together.

Portraits are fun!

Northern Lights at the Lancaster Learning Link.

We had a lot of fun with this!

Another happy kid and successful portrait.

Field trip with my Lancaster Learning Link students practicing our drawing skills.

My son's mammoth, he is so much farther in drawing skills than I was at his age--oh, the place's he'll go!!!

My mammoth drawing in progress.
Later at home, I worked on it a bit more from my photos I took that day.

Presentation Day on the last day of co-op. These are the favorite paintings of some of my Bob Ross Class students.

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