Monday, September 3, 2018

Helping with the County Fair

So I had a new sort of experience with the county fair this year. I helped to display all of the work in the Fine Arts Open Class division, and got to judge the work, too. There was some crazy amazing art in it.

What a difficult thing to do! To judge, I mean. I often tell my students how subjective art criticism is. It is so much based on a judge or critics opinion. And so when I was the judge--I tried to base it on art theory and on the difficulty of the medium/subject matter, but inevitably my opinion got in there somehow.

This kid's dragon was amazing!!! And he was so tickled with his ribbon. 💓

Also, THAT WAS A LOT OF WORK!! Next time you put your stuff into a competition--tell the staff a hearty "Thank You" because they are going to put hours and hours into displaying and judging it, like 20+!! But I could tell by the people doing it that it is definitely a labor of love for them. They love sharing the fair experience with people. 💗💗💗

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