Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Flowers have got to be one of my favorite drawing subjects. They are great for beginners, as they usually have a simple shape and form--and it doesn't matter if the flower you're drawing looks like a particular flower at all--a rose looks like a rose, which looks like a rose, unlike people or animals--which often are specifically familiar to people, and so need more attention to detail.

Here are a few flower drawings and paintings I've done over the years.

I'm currently working on this flower oil painting with an acrylic under painting.

It's a different technique than I've ever used before. I only ever done just oil or just acrylic--never both together (though you must use the acrylic first and paint over that with oils--never the other way around).

I am also experimenting with some different drying mediums added to the oils to make them dry faster. I've had several bottles of mediums inherited from both of my grandmothers, who also hobby painted.

 I never tried to use them before now, mostly because I was more interested in drawing and was perplexed at where to start with the oils. Aside from a handful of oil paintings and acrylic murals over the years, I've mostly worked in drawing mediums. But after going to the Bob Ross Workshop in New Smyrna Beach, Florida the summer of 2015, I've painted probably a hundred oil paintings--so it is a lot less intimidating than it used to be, and maybe a litte LOT OF fun. :)

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