Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Christmas Present Commissions

Over Christmas break I was commissioned to do two projects. The first was a pen and ink drawing of my friend's parents' house from when they were first married. I had a super duper grainy photo to work from which was really hard to use, but I was pretty happy with the ending results. When I do pen and ink drawings I look at tons of other peoples drawings to figure out ways to manipulate the lines to create the shadows and shades. It's hard, but I just love the way it looks when it's all done. Makes me want to go out and find cool buildings around town to draw! Or every house I'd ever lived in in my life time. Wouldn't that be a cool montage?

The second commission I did was a real labor of love. A woman from my church wanted it done for my pastor's wife and I just loved her idea--the words and the style she wanted. It took me about four times longer than I thought it would--I had troubles figuring out the right medium to use with the colored poster board I'd found. And then the colored pencils I'd planned to use weren't working on the surface of the poster board, so I had to improvise and ended up painting over everything twice with gouache paints, which was very laborious because it was mostly just thin lines. Both ladies' reactions made all the difficulty worth it. :)  

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