Thursday, March 19, 2015

Uh...Long time no see!!I

Yeah, I've been long absent from my blog. If I am consistent in anything, it is in being inconsistent. I am the queen of making plans, elaborate (and beautifully calligraphy written) to-do lists, and then promptly ignoring them that part of the artist in me?? ;)

Well, I may not have been posting on here, but I have made a few things in the last year (this is some, not all of it):

This was a sign I made for a class I taught at our homeschool co-op we attend weekly.
I was practicing and experimenting with watercolors in preparation for the class.
Wanted to make a fun case for our new Kindle Paperwhite--sewing is art, at least in my book!
Finished! This was so much fun. :)
from the inside
I made a sewing box with plastic canvas.

It was "sew much fun!"
And I got my drawing "Dummy Rummy" printed on cards.
I graphitied a church--with my daughter and a friend.

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