Monday, August 12, 2013

My Birthday Cake, errr...Cupcakes!

I love a lot of Van Gogh's paintings, particularly "Starry Night."  So for my birthday, I painted a "Starry Night" scene on my birthday cake. :)
I made chocolate and rainbow cupcakes. Yummm!

Here is a rainbow cupcake sacrificed to show you the inside.

I covered all the cupcakes with quite a bit of frosting.

I added more white frosting on top where the stars and swirls were.  Then I painted the frosting with food coloring, sometimes watered down with water.  It was hard to not push the frosting and the buildings were really hard, so I didn't paint as many as there are in the original painting.  The kids that came to my birthday party
really appreciated the exorbitant amount of frosting that was on the cupcakes.  :)


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